Noble Iron Fitness - Kettlebell training by Patrick Jernigan

About: Originally certified in 2008, I am one of the top kettlebell instructors in San Francisco. Mobility is a major factor in strength building and I put emphasis on quality of movement as opposed to quantity. I'd rather see one perfect rep than a hundred crappy ones.

Private Instruction: Private sessions focus on the individual needs of the client. Beginners can learn basic techniques, and advanced students can work towards a specific goal.

Group Classes: Kettlebell training involves swinging heavy pieces of iron, beginners are strongly encouraged to try a private session.

We are located at FTCC, 6135 Mission Street, Daly City.

Morning classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7 am.

Contact: 415-676-9692,

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You don't have to be a fighter to use Kettlebells though, most of my clients are regular folks who just want to be in the best shape of their lives!  You can read their reviews here. I tailor workouts to suit the needs of my clients.  I've got kettlebells ranging in size from 8 kg (18 lbs.) to 36 kg (80 lbs) so if you're just getting started with your training or if you've been lifting weights for years, I can help you. If you want more than kettlebells, I also offer circuit style training with battling ropes, medicine balls, and more.